History of Zamin Adyar Sree Ponniamman, Kottur!

    This 500 years old temple is located at Revenue village Zamin Adayar, now popularly known as"Kotturpuram".
This temple was constructed to protect the village ADAYAR from the floods of river Adayar. Originally the river was flowing very close to the village settlement. Those days houses were constructed using mud for walls and thatch (palm leaves or co-co nut tree leaves) for roof. These kind of semi permanent buildings were more susceptible to flooding.

   To protect the village from floods the villagers decided to construct a temple on the banks of the river. The location selected by them was the southwest corner of the village. After installation of the idol, the river never entered into this village.The river might have changed its direction or reduced its width.The area  has  sandy soil just below 7 to 8 feet deep even today,between this temple and the river which proves that the river was flowing towards the south of present course.

    The temple too was constructed with mud and thatch. Later on during mid 17th century this village came under the control of Arcot Nawab. A Zamindar was appointed to collect land tax (Kisthi) from the villagers and the village got the name Zamin Adayar. During this period the temple was also reconstructed with burnt bricks with lime mortar. The architectural style was Mohammedan. The main sanctum is of dome so as to look like mosque.This is to camouflage and to protect the temple from invasion /destruction by the enemies. Even today the sanctum's interior space is maintained as it is.

    About an acre of land was belonging to this temple. After independence this Zamin adyar village included into the Madras city corporation in the year 1946. After that, town survey was conducted and the temple land was declared as Government land and police quarters were constructed during 1959-60. Only a small area around the temple was left and declared as temple land.

    No aadi or car festival. There are many folk tale for not conduting festival. One famous one is....

   There was a big tank on the northeast corner of the temple. After the annual temple car festival the temple car was parked near the tank.  The car moved and sank into the tank.The goddess informed that the car to be retrieved from the tank within twenty four hours and then only the festival should be conducted. As it was not possible to retrieve the car,the annual festival was dispensed with and the temple was neglected.

    During 1937, NAGALLA RAJAMANNAR of this village has taken initiative and started maintaining this temple. His family successors are maintaining this temple till today.

    Along with the village this temple also grew in terms of devotees coming to this temple.

    One important aspect in this temple is that except the Goddess Ponniamman there is no other deity/idol installed because ....

    There is a strong belief that for those who have full faith in goddess Ponniamman, she will full fill their prayer whether it is for education, health, wealth, courage, marriage, motherhood and what not.Therefore there is no other shrine for small deities delegated with power to give boon as aspired by the devotees for education, health, wealth etc.